SEATTLE — As Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best looked back on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, she said she hoped she wasn’t just reflection of his dream but someone who could advance the dream.

“I think it’s really important that we carry on the legacy of reconciliation and justice and fairness and equity,” said Best. And that’s a legacy that should last throughout the generations, and we want to make sure we’re highlighting it.”

In 2018, Best became the first black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department as chief. She has been with the department since 1992.

Best highlighted public service as one of the values that King believed in and said those actions were what she wanted to see people taking a part in.

“The legacy is so important,” Best said. “While you want people to see women and people of color, the fact that there’s a whole gamut of folks who can give back, really it’s about making sure that you’re a part of the community and a part of giving back.”

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Best took part in a prayer breakfast Monday that was focused on “Sustaining the Dream.”

Rev. Harvey Drake, prayer breakfast co-chair, stressed that progress has been made over the last few decades, but that doesn’t mean we’re done.

“We’ve made some advances,” Drake said. “Acknowledge those advances and keep working for something greater.”