Whether it's your career, a relationship, or where you call home, how do you know when it's time for a change?

Author and motivational speaker Katrina McGhee uses her personal and professional experiences to inspire women to make the life changes that put them in the driver seat of their own lives.

McGhee remembers when she thought she was having a stroke. Her face was numb. Chest tight. But her doctor told the working mother that she was suffering from an anxiety attack.

It wasn't long after that she knew she had to make a life change. But how? She had a high profile job as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Susan G. Komen.

"It was fun, fulfilling, everything you'd want in a career. But I was also managing things that weren't mine to manage, and I had made myself general manager of the universe," McGhee said.

Leaving that job meant listening to herself and finding the courage to let go. Now she travels the country inspiring women to get in the driver seat of their lives and equipping them with the tools to make the best life choices possible.

Her Loving on Me Academy is an online course that's free and designed to empower women to succeed and lead. But it's also about helping them create the balance that they seek in life.

McGhee says true change starts with listening to yourself and your needs and always remember that you have a choice, even if that choice revolves around how you respond to a situation.