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5 Seattle podcasts to try

Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to stay current, learn regularly, and get something else done while you listen.

SEATTLE — Listening to podcasts is a great way to pass the time during long commutes, workouts or when you're doing mindless tasks around the house. All week, Take 5 is highlighting podcasts recorded in Seattle. You may just find your newest podcast obsession.

Dead Beat Film Society

Friends Emily and Kevin hosted a radio show out of the back room at the Art Institute of Chicago. Half a decade later, they've reunited in Seattle to geek out over movies. Their podcast "The Dead Beat Film Society" is a deep dive into the world of cinema. The hosts and a guest analyze one film in each episode, including Titanic, Vertigo, and Dude, Where's My Car?

The Glow Up Podcast

How do you follow your passion and make a living out of it? The Glow Up Podcast is about the "intersection of art & entrepreneurship." Miss Casey Carter and Naomi Brown talk to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and hustlers to figure out the mindset and tactics that let them play the game, and not get played by the game. Think of "The Glow Up Podcast" as your weekly mentor with new guests and conversations available every Monday.

He Said He Said

Ray and Jay tackle the hottest topics in American culture each week with the intent to entertain while also dropping a bit of knowledge. New episodes come out every Monday. 

Black in the City

Hosts Makeda Hope-Crichlow and Sierra Stewart are two 20-somethings based in Seattle. Their podcast "Black in the City" focuses on politics and pop culture -- both nationally and locally, from the perspective of two young professional black women. 

Gayside Stories

This is a weekly podcast about LGBTQIA life and other relevant topics, highlighted by discussions and personal stories. From love and relationships to representation in the media to news pertaining to the queer community, there's something for everyone to be entertained by, and more importantly, learn from.

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