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4 myths about the gender pay gap and how you can negotiate a better salary

Here are four myths about the gender pay gap and what you can do to negotiate a higher salary.

SEATTLE — Equal Pay Day is in April to represent how far into the year women must work to earn what men did in the previous year. 


1. The pay gap is closing fast

According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, at our current rate the wage gap won't close until 2058. And for women of color, the pay gap is increasing.

2. Women earn less because they take time off for motherhood

]Research shows that fathers tend to earn 11% more. 

3. Women choose lower paying careers than men so it's understandable they make less money

A 2016 Glassdoor study found female computer programmers earned 78% of what male computer programmers earned. 

4. Women aren't assertive enough to ask for raises

A 2007 study found that male employers were less likely to hire a woman who negotiates about salary as the men perceived them as "demanding."

Negotiation tips

The website, Future For Us, shared with KING 5 three tips for your next salary negotiation. 

1. Understand Your Market Value 

To get this information, try websites like Payscale or Glassdoor. Talk to professional networks, recruiters, or search Linked In. Also consider the size of the company and your years of experience.

2. Know your numbers 

Have three numbers in mind BEFORE your next negotiation. 

- the highest number you can say with a straight face
- the number you'd be satisfied with and happy to take
- the number that if it's below then you're walking 

3. Ask for Full Compensation

Remember, you can get more than money!

Think about flexibility, career development, stock options, etc...and write down a list in order of preference.