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Tacoma's new Freighthouse Square train station nearly complete

The new Freighthouse Square train station in Tacoma is nearly complete. The WSDOT project has been in the works for about five years and will bring more Amtrak trains between Portland and Seattle.

"It's like 90 percent done," said WSDOT spokesperson Janet Matkin. “We’re putting the finishing touches on it now.”

Fourteen trains will stop at the station per day, including 12 Amtrack Cascades lines that will be on a new route.

"This route will go from here down through Lakewood, JBLM and DuPont and connect back up to the mainland in Nisqually, so we needed a station that was on that route," said Matkin.

But Matkin says the public won't be able to use the station until the end of the year. For Frieghthouse Square business owners like Virginia Crittendon, the train project has been a hassle.

"Once the construction started, the business I did have, it started to drop off because of the construction and then the delays," said Crittendon.

Sound Transit must finish up this trestle project nearby on G Street, and WSDOT says it can't open the station until then. WSDOT has not provided a firm date to the public on when it will open, and Sound Transit has yet to provide a firm date to the public on when the trestles project will be complete, which leaves Crittendon wondering when she'll see any possible benefits of the station.

"I'm still wondering is this going to bring people to this business. I want to see movement. I want to see something being done," she said.

WSDOT says it'll be worth the wait.

"With Sound Transit right next door, Pierce Transit right across the street, we'll link Light Rail out front. This is really going to have Tacoma be an important hub of activity."