A $2.4 million stormwater treatment facility is up and running in Tacoma.

The water from the storm water treatment facility ends up in Puget Sound. It's supposed to be clean water that keeps heavy pollution from destroying the water.

"The dirtiest of the storm water comes in through this facility,” said Jessica Knickerbocker, an engineer with the City of Tacoma.

It's first of its kind in Pierce County. This stormwater facility can treat up 8 million gallons of stormwater per day, and it collects water from as far away as two miles from the facility.

Knickerbocker showed off the facility to Repetitive Denny Heck and Derek Kilmer today, who are working on bills that could help homeowners and local governments pay for rainwater storage systems that could eventually improve Puget Sound

"We also know that it’s a body of water that is very sick, and part of what is contributing to these problems is the stormwater runoff," said Kilmer.

The Department of Ecology puts this water here at a category 5, the worst concerning its level of pollution.