Kneeling during the national anthem has had an impact on the sports world. In Tacoma, it prompted the Tacoma Public Schools District to arm their students and staff with information to better understand the rights of protesting.

"Some coaches called and said, ‘Hey, what do we do here? What's the guidance,’" said James Neil, The Athletic Director at Tacoma Public Schools. He and other district leader helped put together the student protest fact sheet for students and staff.

It spells out that students can protest the national anthem as long as they're silent and respectful. It also encourages teachers to have a plan to allow students of all sides to express their opinion.

"I think it's important to take what we have happening within our community and bring it into the school setting and have learning conversations about them," said Neil.

Neil admits the fact sheet would not have existed if wasn't for a conversation that started with Colin Kaepernick continued with the Seahawks and has made its way onto the fields of local high schools.

"It has not come up for any of our girls. Although I will tell you, they all have an opinion on it," said Michelle Birge, head coach for girls’ basketball at Wilson High School. Birge says she says and game plan if and when it comes up.

"I think everyone should have a choice and that choice is a personal choice, and no one should be shunned for their choice either standing or sitting," said Birge who believe sports has always been an intersection.

"We're teaching the game of basketball, but it extends in life," she said, “If you can be part of something bigger than yourself, if you can be a good teammate.”