TACOMA, Wash. — Changes to recycling costs on a global scale, means the city of Tacoma is paying roughly $2 million in 2019 it didn't budget for recycling. In a council meeting Tuesday, the city's Environmental Service Department shared its recommendation for how Tacoma will stay ahead of the costs. 

The city started looking at options in February and gave the public four choices. The department picked the second option, which eliminates curb-side glass recycling, provides satellite stations for glass, and adds a $2.40 recycle surcharge every month. But the city added a dollar to the surcharge for recycling education making it $3.40.   

The city surveyed more than 7,000 homes, and learned most were in support of the price increase, adding the fee should be waved for families in low income homes.

The department also said there was an huge request for recycling education. 

The extra dollar in the surcharge should give the city roughly $600,000 a year for recycling education. 

The department said it could have an ordinance ready by June and depending on when the council votes the changes could go into effect as early as October.