The GRLS Studio in Tacoma has been open a little more than year. It opened shortly after the 2016 presidential election and was started by four Tacoma women: Lana Alisdairi, Sarah Alisdairi-Close, Alexis Sargent and Jaquilyn Shumate.

"I think we were thinking are our voices going to be heard," said Sargent.

For many women, Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat was considered a dream deferred that raised fears about what the future could mean for women in the United States.

"What are we going to do? Are we going to be okay with just being silent?” said Lana Alisdairi. “We felt like as a group, we were stronger.”

They used the moment as inspiration and opened a space for women

"There's four letters, four girls,” said Sargent.

"Yeah. And being a group, no I," said Lana Alisdairi

They use the studio as their personal workspace, a photography studio and a place for other women entrepreneurs in Tacoma.

"I think is hard for women. Harder for women to start a business to branch out on their own. It can be more intimidating," said Sarah Alisdairi-Close.

Everything in the space is intentional and includes many pieces designed by women artists.

"Two Hands Full, she does this amazing pottery work out her studio in hilltop."

The word is spreading about their studio through social media, and the timing couldn't be better

"I think the election definitely did highlight the fact that the struggle is still real."

It's a struggle that they say requires them to push their passion into practice. They call their space a continuation of the mission of women's march.

"For us having this space really boosted each of our confidence as individuals. And if it did that for us you know like obviously it would do that for other women," said Lana.