For DeAnn Iman, the Tacoma Link is an essential part of her life

"Every day, many days, multiple times."

DeAnn is a student and new Tacoma resident who says the city needs to put transportation growth at the forefront.

"There's a massive amount of commerce going on here and the population is booming and that's going to continue to happen," she said, "and things have to be in place to handle the volume of people that are going to be moving around these areas."

Next Year the Tacoma Link will begin its expansion of 2.4 miles with six new stops running roughly every 10 minutes from the Theater District to Stadium and into the Hilltop.

"I think it will help everyone. I know it's helping me,” said Marsha Watkins, an adult student at the University of Washington Tacoma.

At this point, the link is free. Sound Transit doesn't intend to start talking about charging until 2022.

"If you make the transportation to and from affordable here. You're inviting those people to come and take root here and raise their families here,” said Iman.

At this point, it's not clear what the construction impact will be.

Construction will start in 2018, and the line won't be up and running until 2022. For some users investment in the expansion is a must.

"This has to be dealt with now to deal with the growth that is coming in the future,” said Iman.