When a trick or treater was hit by a car in Tacoma, a neighbor went into action.

A 7-year-old boy and his father were knocked down by a car while trick or treating near North 8th Street and North I Street in Tacoma Monday night.

The boy was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and is in critical condition.

Kenneth Hines witnessed the crash.

“I saw candy going all over the place, and then another screech, and then screaming, so I knew something had to be wrong,” Hines said.

Hines ran down to the street, and when he saw a child had gotten hit, he called 911. Once Hines saw the child was in good hands, he ran further down the street to see about the driver.

“I basically did a citizen’s arrest,” Hines said, who held the driver at gunpoint until the police arrived to make sure he was clear.

Police believe the driver was intoxicated. He has been arrested for vehicular assault.

Video: Witness: 'I basically did a citizen's arrest'