A piece of Tacoma’s beer history was stolen, and a brewer is imploring the public to help get it back.

Pacific Brewing and Malting Co. co-owner Steve Navarro’s was storing some 100-year-old bottles in his truck when vandals broke in and stole them. The beer is from the original Pacific Brewing, which operated from 1897-1915 before prohibition.

“These are special bottles, because they’re not only part of Tacoma’s history, but also this brewery’s history,” said Navarro.

The bottles are especially rare, because there’s beer still in them. Most historic bottles have long been drunk, Navarro said. They’re also valuable – Navarro said he paid $1,000 for a set of six bottles, but they could be worth more.

The missing bottles have a yellow and gold label with Pacific Brewing’s original logo on it with the tag, “Best, West, East,” below it. The original Pacific Brewing was the largest in Tacoma, distributing to all of the West Coast, Hawaii, and the Philippines. If it was sold in Tacoma, it was called Pacific Beer. If it was sold elsewhere, it was called Tacoma Beer.

“The original owners believed in Tacoma and wanted to promote it as much as possible,” Navarro said.

If anyone sees the bottles, Navarro is encouraging the public to return them. And if anything, don’t drink it. We can guarantee the German style lager won’t taste the way you want it to.

“They’re irreplaceable. They’re priceless,” Navarro said. “And they’re a big part of our history and our city, and I just want them back.”