The oldest working nurse in the country, who works at Tacoma General Hospital, turned 92 Monday.

Florence "See-See" Rigney graduated from Tacoma General Nursing School just after World War II.

Seven decades later, she still works there. Rigney sets up operating rooms and helps patients prep for surgery.

Rigney tried to retire once at age 67, but that only lasted six months.

"Sometimes it's kind of embarrassing," said Rigney. "I certainly feel honored and humbled. I feel very blessed to be able to still function."

In 2015, Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued a proclamation congratulating Rigby on being "our nation's oldest working registered nurse."

Rigney says she's seen many changes in her 70+ years as a nurse.

For starters, computers.

"I've had to learn how to use a computer, which is a big thing," she admitted.

As for retirement?

Rigney says she hopes to retire someday, but she's already tried that – 26 years ago.

"I am going to retire one of these days," she said.