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Western Washington residents preparing for the first weekend of summer temperatures

Temperatures will reach into the 80s this weekend for the first time in 2022 in western Washington.

SEATTLE — A parked ice cream truck is a surefire sign that summer is here.

“That is a big factor, the weather, as people ask us here. When are you going to be here, we said ‘we’re just watching the sunshine,” said Shane Tissot of Cosmic Ice Cream.

Shane and Sabrina are the couple behind the dessert truck. They say they always wanted to run a food truck and used the pandemic as a sign from the universe to try something new, something scary.

“We really needed something to push us a little further,” Sabrina said.

On the longest day of the year – the first day of summer – they’ll take all the customers mother nature can provide. Summer is finally revealing itself after a long wet winter – with warmer temperatures that may remind you of last year, unprecedented triple-digit temperatures that sent air-conditioners flying off the shelves.

“Last summer was ridiculous,” said JJ Mangum of McLendon Hardware in Renton.

Mangum says his shop beefed up the supply of ACs weeks ago and is ready for the next rush as soon as temperatures spike.

“We’re ready to go, for sure I’d say about fifty units and a pallet, we’re ready to go for sure,” he said.

While a heatwave may be around the corner – experts don’t predict will hit triple digits again anytime soon, which is good news for a couple that plans to make their living out of the back of a truck.

“I’m looking forward to just a normal summer where people feel calm and relaxed and happy and looking forward to life to be enjoyed,” Sabrina Tissot said.


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