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Students watch history happening in Egypt

The historic developments in Egypt have become important history, geography and political lessons in our classrooms. One South Seattle school is using Thursday's developments as an opportunity for learning.

SEATTLE, Wash. Students are getting a chance to see history in the making in their classrooms as they watch the turmoil happening now in Egypt.

In Thursday's history class at Amazing Grace Christian School in South Seattle, Al-Jazeera TV was played above the chapel altar.

It's hard to wrap your mind around that this is actually happening somewhere right now, said 8th grader Taelor Willhoite.

The students watched and listened as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gave a speech of defiance, saying he would not step down.

I was shocked at how the Egyptians were angry at one moment so fast, says 7th grader Isaac Abraham. They took their shoes off like what happened to President Bush.

In the classroom, the students took to their computers to see what the world was saying about it.

The teachers can send you a link and go to a different source and find a different perspective from a different person, said Abraham.

Teacher Michelle Zimmerman has done away with the history books, allowing history to unfold in front of the students' eyes.

That's one of the things that I appreciate about having technology in the classroom because it brings history to life for them, said Zimmerman.

On an Internet search that we use everyday, a Google executive made an announcement and basically said 'meet here' and it just happened like that, said 6th grader Chavez Hubbard.

It's a critical look at the unrest in Egypt the students will take well beyond the classroom.

I'll talk to my parents and we'll say 'What do they think about this?' says 6th grader Jaray Corpus. And what do they think will happen in the future of Egypt and other countries that aren't doing so well right now.

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