In the days following the death of Deputy Daniel McCartney, those who knew him are finding ways to help his wife and three kids.

Inside an Aberdeen print shop, owner Aaron Glanz, a former law enforcement officer, mourned the loss of a friend.

"He was just a good guy. Great father. Great husband. Involved in the church," said Glanz. "Type of people you would want be around."

To honor McCartney, he designed a decal -- a simple and symbolic display of who the deputy was and what he stood for.

The small oval sticker has 484 written in blue with a background of the American flag.

"We have a thin blue line. It starts off with that," said Glanz. "The American flag represents his time in the United States Navy which was important to him. And 484 was his unit number. That's what we go by. Our name is our unit number."

"Law enforcement is a tough job," said Michelle Layman, who knows from experience. A law enforcement spouse herself, she is part of a support group called the Twin Harbor LEOS (Law Enforcement Officer Spouses) that McCartney's wife once belonged to.

She said the decals send a message the family.

"Also letting her know, her and the boys, how much she's loved," said Layman. "How much we're standing behind her."

They've already sold 200 decals Tuesday night at a vigil, with hundreds more on order. Each is bringing a $10 donation for the family.

"Lets her see our heart for her and we're there for her any way we can," she said.

She said the stickers are meant for car windows or any other flat surface. A quiet, yet public display of love, respect, and support for 484 and his family.

Anyone interested in purchasing a decal can contact Willapa Printing.