It's most every couple's dream: having a baby and watching it grow up.

That's the case for a Sedro-Woolley couple, but things have taken an unexpected turn.


Brent and Nikki Pritchard's Sedro-Wooley refrigerator is covered with pictures and drawings of 11 nieces and nephews. Photo albums are filled with pictures of other people's kids, even their wedding album.

"Most of the favorite memories and pictures are the ones with the kids in them," Nikki said.

After 12 years of marriage and planning, Brent and Nikki are finally ready to start their own family.

"We have our careers, got everything steady where we are stable. We are ready, then this comes along and it's, 'Oh, now what?'" Nikki said.

Just before Christmas, Brent was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The good news is the cancer is very treatable. The bad news: that treatment will almost certainly leave Brent sterile.

"It has been a rollercoaster," Nikki said. "We think we're gonna get through this and then it's, 'Oh, crap. Everything we planned and worked for kinda just got flushed.'"

"I could still be a dad but without the idea of me being a dad of my own child, it kind of deflated our whole life really," Brent said.

The couple's only option to have their own baby is to cryogenically freeze Brent's sperm and have doctors inseminate Nikki after his cancer treatment. But chemo starts in less than two weeks, and the donor process costs upwards of $2,000.

To help their dream come true, a family member started a Go Fund Me page so that when Brent kills off his cancer, he can bring a new life into this world.

"You know, miracles do happen," Nikki said. "It would definitely be the rainbow after the storm."