Despite the acrobatic maneuvers performed by Richard "Beebo" Russell, 28, in the stolen Alaska Airlines plane on Friday, officials confirm he had no formal flight training.

Pilots say the aircraft, a Q-400 Bombardier Turboprop, is stable for commercial pilots but it's not for beginners.

The Q-400 has 76 seats in coach and is designed to carry two flight attendants and two pilots.

Typical speeds are around 414 mph, with a maximum cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. It's 107 feet long with a 93-foot wingspan.

The Q-400 is designed for shorter distance flights. But make no mistake, this isn't a tiny airplane that was stolen.

For more perspective, it's much larger than a Cessna 172 which is one of the most common single-engine airplanes you might see flying overhead. But the Q-400 is smaller than a Boeing 737 which is the most common size airplane you'll likely fly on your next trip.

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