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Stolen plane not for beginners, says pilot

Pilots say the Q-400 turboprop that was stolen from Sea-Tac International Airport is not for beginner pilots.

Despite the acrobatic maneuvers performed by Richard "Beebo" Russell, 28, in the stolen Alaska Airlines plane on Friday, officials confirm he had no formal flight training.

Pilots say the aircraft, a Q-400 Bombardier Turboprop, is stable for commercial pilots but it's not for beginners.

The Q-400 has 76 seats in coach and is designed to carry two flight attendants and two pilots.

Typical speeds are around 414 mph, with a maximum cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. It's 107 feet long with a 93-foot wingspan.

The Q-400 is designed for shorter distance flights. But make no mistake, this isn't a tiny airplane that was stolen.

For more perspective, it's much larger than a Cessna 172 which is one of the most common single-engine airplanes you might see flying overhead. But the Q-400 is smaller than a Boeing 737 which is the most common size airplane you'll likely fly on your next trip.

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