State Route 410 between Enumclaw and Crystal Mountain has reopened after multiple landslides shut down the roadway last week. Crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will continue to monitor conditions. Drivers can expect alternating traffic at times.

The town of Greenwater, east of Enumclaw, is still cleaning up after landslides brought down trees and power lines overnight Friday.

Both directions of SR 410 between Mud Mountain Road and Greenwater were blocked. WSDOT tweeted Saturday morning that four landslides caused significant damage. 

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort was also closed through the weekend due to SR 410 being impassable. It has since been re-opened. 

The roadway was open only up to Greenwater for local traffic only.

Greenwater Fire District Chief Paul Sowers said dealing with slides like these is "part of life up" in that area. 

He said the last few days it's been about neighbors helping neighbors as they deal with the fallout of the flooding.

“We have no phones and therefore no 911, so we're staffing the station so if people can at least get to the station they can report problems if they have them," he explained.

Puget Sound Energy worked to restore power to the area. 

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Bill Oravez owns a cabin in Greenwater, where water has beeing creeping closer. He was hoping to check on it, but after being turned away at the checkpoint, he said he's grateful for volunteers helping put sandbags around his cabin while he can't get to it.

“You take it as it comes if you want to have a place on the river,” Oravez explained. “If you're fortunate to have a place on the river, you have to pay the consequences when things happen.”

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WSDOT escorted residents of Greenwater out of the town Saturday afternoon to get supplies. 

John Clark owns a store in town and hoped to get a truckful of supplies up to his store. He said everyone's been pitching in.  

“A lot of people volunteered to fill sandbags and get the water moving in the correct direction and that's what makes Greenwater really special people look out for each other,” Clark said.

While the power to the area is expected to be restored in a timely manner, it's unclear when SR 410 will reopen. 

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