The state may step in to help more than 20 families in Lyman, Washington cut off from down by a washed out road.

Heavy rain partially washed out Prevedal Road near SR 20 in Lyman last weekend. The road is unsafe for cars. Engineers estimate it will take more than $300,000 to repair but the town only has a little more than $23,000 in its road repair budget.

State Senator Keith Wagoner said more than 100 people are cut off from their homes. That includes the Mullen family with seven foster children.

Wagoner plans to ask for repair money in the supplemental transportation budget.

The washout is not far from the Skagit river where erosion is threatening a handful of homes. One is hanging over the edge of the river and in danger of falling in.

Lyman, Washington along the Skagit River. February 6, 2018