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Spring gardening tips for the Pacific Northwest

Here are five tips for your garden this spring.

The start of spring marks the time that many people start to venture out into the garden again after a snowy winter. It’s a time of cleaning, pruning and planting to get ready for the summer and fall harvests. Here are five tips to help you get started in your garden during March.  

Prune dead branches and leaves

Winter weather can take a toll on plants and there may be physical damage that should be removed. Check for dead or broken stalks and branches, as well as signs of disease and prune them. 

Destroy weeds

Weeding may be a gardener’s least favorite activity, but it’s best to get rid of the weeds now before they begin to seed. Hopefully, the weeds will still be young enough that they are not too difficult to remove. You can also spray weeds with undiluted white vinegar on a sunny day, but be careful since the vinegar will kill any plants that it touches. 

Pest control

Protect your plants with pest repellent solutions and barriers from wildlife. Deer fences, netting and sprays can help prevent interlopers from eating your plants. If deer keep eating your conifers, try mixing four eggs with water and spraying the smelly solution on the trees. 

Plant vegetables

March is a good time to plant vegetables like sugar snap peas, spinach, radishes and carrots. Check which planting zone your garden is in here

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Time to mow

You may need to break out the lawn mower. March is generally a good time to start mowing. The good news is that grass clippings are good for the grass; they can provide about a third of the fertilizer the grass needs.