SPOKANE, Wash. -- Netflix is releasing a documentary about former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.

Dolezal has faced public criticism for passing herself off as a black woman in 2015. Dolezal later acknowledged she is “Caucasian biologically,” but said she identifies as black.

Netflix released a trailer for the documentary “The Rachel Divide” on Wednesday. In the trailer, her son Franklin tells her that he does not want to focus on her controversy for the rest of his life. She tries to explain to him that when something gets destroyed you have to rebuild it. He does not seem to want to hear her out and tells her this is affecting more than just her life. She tells him that when somebody has hope, not to take it away from them because it might be all they have. He goes on to tell her it is “going to bite you in the a**.”

“This book coming out and this documentary might just backfire like everything else has backfired,” Franklin said.

He goes on to say he resents some of her choices and some of the words she has spoken in interviews.

Dolezal later talks about how doing the documentary is putting everything at risk.

“I’m trying to be the gatekeeper and you just like handing it over to somebody who just like be a wrecking ball,” she said.

The documentary will be available to stream on April 27.