A place home to 300 softball and baseball players every season became the scene of a crime. Drug paraphernalia and evidence that property had been stolen was found at the South Snohomish Little League Complex.

It happened on 115th Avenue Southeast, down the road from where Dan Francis works. It's also where he's now keeping watch.

"Got to do something because it isn't going to fix itself. It is just going to get worse if you don't," said Francis. "There is a large theft problem going on in this area. It has a lot to do with the drug problem."

South Snohomish Little League President Amanda Titus says squatters took over and moved into two storage sheds. She estimates they were there between two to three weeks. The squatters were discovered and reported to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office on Sunday.

"There were knives and machetes and drug remnants," said Titus. "They used umpire gear to make beds. It is obvious they were doing drugs up here and in the other shed."

Now, Titus is taking inventory.

"Fielding equipment was stolen, a pitching machine was stolen, umpire equipment was stolen," she said.

Titus said they found a snowboard and boots in one shed that she suspects were also stolen.

"It's sad that they have moved in and violated this place that is a safe haven for our community's children," said Titus. "I think it is important for us to take a look at the drug epidemic that is going on in our area with our young adults, and I think it is time to start taking action."

The South Snohomish Little League says insurance will cover some of the damage, but they are fundraising so they can make security upgrades including more lights and surveillance cameras.

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