LYNDEN, Wash. - Snow and freezing rain have sent northern Whatcom County into a deep freeze.

The snow started coming down Friday and continued into Monday. Snowbanks 12 to 15 feet high mark the landscape. Streets and sidewalks are coated with thick layers of ice.

Elizabeth Mesora made it all the way back to Lynden from Seattle Monday, only to find the last few feet of her trip the toughest.

"I took the train back, drove home from Bellingham, and now I get stuck in my own driveway," she said. "I can't even get to my door 15 feet away!"

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There are a lot of neighbors helping neighbors in Whatcom County right now. Leroy Beliz brought his tractor to help clear the ice from a friend's gas station.

"It's kind of hard. If you don't have 4-wheel drive in this part of the county, you're gonna end up getting stuck," he said.

The bitter cold and winds from the Fraser River Valley are unforgiving. Fortunately, the people here are very warm-hearted.

Postal worker Josh Rondael was on the receiving end of much kindness as he made his rounds Monday.

"They're offering me cocoa, tea," Rondael said. "There are a lot of great people out here doing a good job taking care of us."

More precipitation and cold temperatures are expected through Wednesday. School officials have already canceled classes for Tuesday.

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