A Snohomish County juvenile probation counselor is the first county employee convicted after a string of criminal investigations that followed a county prosecutors legal conference in Chelan this summer.

The juvenile court employee pleaded guilty to operating a boat under the influence and in a reckless manner, according to documents provided by the Chelan County Prosecutor’s office. Records show she was fined $500. A 90-day jail sentence was suspended, in addition to an alcohol and drug assessment.

The woman’s name is not being released because she claimed to be the victim of a crime in which she was photographed partially nude.

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In all, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office launched four separate criminal investigations after Snohomish County prosecutors held their yearly legal conference at Campbell’s resort in Chelan in June.

Longtime deputy prosecutor Chris Dickinson and his girlfriend, the Snohomish County juvenile court counselor, attended an after-conference party where several deputy prosecutors were drinking. The girlfriend was apparently passed out and topless on a couch while several prosecutors milled around.

One young deputy prosecutor snapped a photo that showed Dickinson and his topless girlfriend, and two other deputy prosecutors in the foreground giving a “thumbs up.”

That prosecutor said he snapped the photo to document the couple’s bad behavior. But the woman later reported to Sheriff’s detectives that the photo was taken while she was unconscious.

Prosecutor Douglas Shae is determining whether to file charges in that case.

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Dickinson and the woman were kicked out of the party, and she was arrested while she tried to pilot her small boat away from a dock. Dickinson was later arrested for DUI as he waited in his car to pick her up outside the Chelan County jail.

Dickinson has pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was fired by the prosecutor's office in July.

Days after the conference, a female deputy prosecutor reported that Dickinson had groped her on the same evening in Chelan. He was charged with that crime as well.

Brooke Powell of the Snohomish County Juvenile Court said that the female probation counselor remains employed with the county, but had no further comment following the woman’s conviction.