A Mill Creek neighborhood flooded Wednesday after a retention pond overflowed. The City of Mill Creek says two trees snapped and smashed a beaver dam, releasing a gush of water into the neighborhood.

A few feet of water flooded the neighborhood in the 1300 block of 137th Street SE. Flooding also closed 136th Street SE between State Route 527 and Jackson High School.

Water could be seen flowing into and around homes at the end of a cul de sac.

The main floor of the Thomas home along with their garage had several inches of water. Their couch and carpets were soaked. The flowing water also took out part of their backyard fence.

"I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of it," said Riley Thomas, who returned home Wednesday morning after a brief outing. "To the point I was here an hour prior and everything was fine and all of a sudden the whole bottom floor is under water."

Firefighters and utility workers unclogged drains and used sand bags to divert the flow of water. They estimated their work would continue into Wednesday evening.

“There's been talk about the new house that was built on the wetlands over there. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but there's speculation that somehow the house has something to do with it,” neighbor Kelli Laurence said.

The City of Mill Creek’s communication director says rumors about new developments impacting the area are “completely unsubstantiated.”

“We have a number of beavers in this area, a number of wetlands and we know it's something we need to address. We don't like homes being flooded. We don't like streets being flooded, traffic being compromised in the middle of rush hour, when kids are trying to get to school,” Kirk said.

Kirk says crews will return during daylight hours to assess trees in the area as well as impacts beavers have had on the wetlands.