SEATTLE — A  new business is creating a buzz on Broadway, and the slogan says it all: 'Hot guys serving hot coffee.'

"I think this is fabulous and it is past due," said Capitol Hill resident Tenzin Ghongpa. "We already have female baristas wearing bras and panties. I don't think anything is wrong with this."

Ja'Shaun Williams and Brandon Peters are the shirtless male baristas working for Dreamboyz Espresso.

"I feel like this does get to the next level of it, right, something different and something new," said Peters.

"I wanted to create my own company called Bro-kini Espresso, but then they made this one," said Williams. "I saw this advertisement on one of the female barista pages, and that they were hiring male baristas so I had to try it."

The coffee stand opened on Friday.

"It is not just shirtless men. We make good drinks too," said Williams.

Dreamboyz Espresso replaced a Ladybugs Bikini Barista stand.

Bikini Barista stands have been the subject of controversy. In Everett, bikini baristas might have to become tank-top baristas because of a city dress code. In July, the 9th U.S. District Court of Appeals overturned a lower court judge's decision to block the city of Everett from imposing a dress code. 

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Williams and Peters are aware of the scrutiny around bikini barista stands, but they view this expansion on the trend as a great opportunity.

"It is something a little different and a little new, and we are getting good feedback from it," said Peters. 

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