When a small private school in Sequim reopens after spring break, they expect to have only half their students return. That's because their principal has been charged with an unthinkable act: raping two students in class.

School principal and teacher Douglas Allison, 55, walked into the courtroom at the Clallam County Courthouse Friday, now in his new role as a defendant.

Allison appeared before a judge charged with eight counts of child molestation and four counts of child rape.

The accused crimes happened at Mountain View Christian School, a small school with just two teachers, Allison and his wife.

Detective Sergeant John Keegan, who is overseeing the case, believes Allison targeted two girls during class while they stood beside him or sat under his desk.

"Behind the desk, it blocked the other students from the view," Keegan said.

The courtroom was filled with parents from the school, church officials, and Allison's friends.

"As a Christian, God loves the sinner but hates the sin. But even if he's convicted, I will still consider him my friend," said Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend.

"Truly our hearts are breaking," said Collette Pekar, Associate Pastor. "The level of dismay and grief on the part of our church community is overwhelming."

KING 5 was contacted by a former parent at the school who noticed Allison was too close to the kids and told the school about it back in October. Pekar says the church addressed the issue with Allison at the time.

"Our school board chairman had talked with him, and he had been spoken to by our church authorities about 'over-familiarity,' mostly hugging at that point," she said.

Somehow that hugging appears have led to something much worse. According to court documents, Allison said he was "not okay" with what he had done and "his life had come to an end."