When Tracy Swanson drops her daughter, Sydney, off at school these days she can't help but worry.

"I don't like that my kids have an uneasy feeling when they go to school, that they have to look over their shoulder," she said. "They have to worry about that now."

With that worry constantly lingering in the back of her mind, Tracy is joining forces with several other parents in her community to implement quick, easy, and affordable changes to Sequim schools.

"I didn't feel comfortable just sitting back and thinking it's never gonna happen here. So let's do something about it instead of complaining," said father of four, Jerry Mote.

The parents are raising money to improve locks on school doors, provide window coverings, and put an emergency lockdown bucket in each of the district's 186 classrooms. The buckets hold food, first aid supplies and can double as a toilet.

At Sequim's Northwest Security Services, owner Joe D'Amico has volunteered to train staff and students about handling threats at school; as well as provide a free app that, among many other functions, allows students to report anything suspicious.

D'Amico, too, has kids in Sequim schools.

"Do you get an alarm system now or do you do it after you've been burglarized?" D'Amico asks, rhetorically. "That's the same way the school districts need to look at it."

For moms like Tracy Swanson, taking a more active role in her daughter's security would make her feel a little bit better at drop-off every day.

"I don't think you can ever relax and not worry about your kids, but I think it will help," she said.

When asked about the likelihood of the project being implemented in Sequim schools, Supt. Gary Neal would only say, "The Sequim School District has been working with Sequim Parents for Safe Schools in the area of school safety."

The parents say to accomplish their goal they'll need to raise about $34,000. That's less than $10 per student in the district. They're currently running a GoFundMe campaign.