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Sen. Patty Murray 'disappointed' after meeting with Secretary DeVos

Senator Patty Murray released a statement expressed her disappointment after sitting down in D.C. with Ed. Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Washington Senator Patty Murray met with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Tuesday afternoon, but it doesn't sound like both parties left the meeting happy with its results.

"I appreciated that Secretary DeVos came to meet with me, but I was extremely disappointed at how the meeting went," Murray said in a statement. "I was hoping that Secretary DeVos would be able to talk to me about real and meaningful steps she could move quickly on as head of President Trump's new gun commission, but everything I heard from her in our conversation suggested that this is just the latest effort to delay and shift the conversation away from the gun safety reforms that people across the country are demanding."

Murray tweeted out her entire statement, quickly catching the eye of DeVos' team.

A tweet from the account of the Education Press Secretary reads, "Unfortunately, Senator Murray was clearly more interested in relaying an inaccurate account of their meeting, squandering the opportunity and using it instead as a political stunt."

Take a look at the exchange: