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See who's donating to Washington's big initiatives

Follow the money trail leading to Washington's top statewide initiatives.

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent for and against Washington’s big initiatives this year. So far, the No on 1631 campaign has spent the most, raising more than $26 million, which sets a new state record.


More on I-1631 the measure that would put a fee on carbon pollution

Biggest donors to the NO on 1631 campaign, sponsored by Western States Petroleum:

BP America: $9,596,031

Phillips 66: $7,201,186

Andeavor: $4,362,827

American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers: $1,000,000

Valero: $995,000

Complete list of contributions

Biggest donors supporting 1631, Clean Air Clean Energy:

The Nature Conservancy: $3,050,000

League of Conservation Voters: $1,400,000

Michael Bloomberg of New York: $1,000,000

Bill Gates of Seattle: $1,000,000

Chris Stolte of Seattle, co-founder of Tableau: $500,000

Complete list of contributions


More than $20 million dollars has been raised in support of I-1634, Yes to Affordable Groceries. This campaign is also on pace to set a record for most spending in support of a statewide initiative.

More on I-1634

Biggest Donors in support of the measure:

The Coca-Cola Company: $9,653,767

Pepsico: $7,278,737

Keurig Dr. Pepper: $2,109,261

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group: $911,021

Red Bull North America: $237,212

The opposition campaign, Healthy Kids Coalition, has raised a little more than $23,000:

Arcora Foundation (Delta Dental Foundation): $7,000

Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition: $6,800 in kind

Foundation for Healthy Generations: $6,000

American Cancer Society: $1,000

El Centra de La Raza: $1,000


The campaign to support I-139 Safe Schools, Safe Communities has raised more than $5 million

More on I-1639 on gun safety

Top Donors supporting I-139:

Paul Allen: $1,226,036

Nicolas Hanauer: $713,018

Leslie Hanauer: $713,018

Connie Ballmer: $600,000

Steven Ballmer: $500,000

Full list of contributions

Four groups have formed in opposition, raising more than $600,000 combined:

Washingtonians and the National Rifle Association for Freedom: $490,360

Save our Security: $51,753

Stop 1639: $31,075

Shall Not Be Infringed: $31,075

List of top donors to the opposition campaign


I-940 De-escalate Washington has raised more than $3.2 million dollars

More on I-940 on police use of force

Top donors:

Puyallup Tribe of Indians: $600,000

Nicolas Hanauer: $350,000

American Civil Liberties Union: $250,000

Open Society Foundation: $230,000

ACLU of Washington: $225,000

Full list of contributors

A number of local police unions have donated to oppose the measure. “Cops Against I-940 WA Council of Police and Sheriffs” has raised more than $47,900. A separate group called a Coalition for a Safer Washington has raised more than $169,605.

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