SEATTLE – West Seattle High School students walked out of class on Wednesday, protesting the election of Donald Trump.

"We feel unsafe with our futures," said student Dana Douthwait, about the morning protest, which involved close to 200 students.

They walked down to the Alaska Junction and back, cheered on by honking drivers and business owners who slapped an occasional high five. The chanted "Save our future" and "not my president" as they marched through the streets. They also held a banner which read "Fight it."

"We need to be angry. We need to be depressed, and then get on with it," said Jeannette Brown, who backed the students.

The Seattle School District says the students will not be disciplined, but will be required to make up the missed class work.

The District acknowledged in a statement, that they had received multiple calls from concerned families about the rhetoric of the election.

"We will not tolerate bullying, intimidation, or any other actions that sustain and advance prejudice and bigotry,” a district spokesperson wrote in a statement. “Our commitment to the wellbeing of each and every student is stronger than ever."

The District also acknowledged that it was supporting teachers and principals on a case-by-case basis, given the questions that had come from parents.

Jesse Klein, who lives in West Seattle, was playing at a park with his two young daughters, and admitted he was near tears talking about the election's outcome.

"It's just a little bit shocking," he said.

Klein also described how he'll discuss the election around his kids.

"We just really show them love and kindness out of this,” Klein said, “and the more upsetting, not what we've heard through this election cycle."

"Hopefully," he said. "Love trumps everything else."

KING 5's Chris Daniels followed them live on Facebook (Warning: Some graphic language)