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Seattle viaduct demolition delayed by 3 weeks

Businesses along the waterfront are now worried about how the delay to demolition on the viaduct may impact summer business.

SEATTLE — Businesses along Seattle’s waterfront said the Washington Department of Transportation told them that the viaduct demolition is behind schedule by three weeks.

The project which, was originally scheduled to be completed on June 1, will now likely be finished sometime in mid-to-late June.

“This is not good planning. They have to accelerate the work and get done,” said Bob Donegan, the President of waterfront restaurant Iver’s.

Donegan said it’s been clear the demolition had been running behind schedule.

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“The agreement was they would be done on the central waterfront from the Pike Places steps to Yesler. Done, out, finished, complete, pedestrian access and parking restored by June 1,” said Donegan.  

He said the delay breaks an agreement between the businesses and the department of transportation. Businesses owners are now asking for WDOT to find a way to speed up the project so access, and parking isn’t restricting come summer.

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“Everybody wants to be on Seattle’s waterfront in the summer. Get the project done and get out of here,” said Donegan.