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Seattle teen creates website to connect students, tutors during pandemic

Students Helping Students Seattle is a free service to connect elementary and middle school students with high school-aged tutors.

Summer has just begun but many parents are already discussing the fall and what’s to become of their students as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Suddenly switching to online school was a shock for many, and the anxiety over the uncertain future of the classroom setting is mounting. 

This wasn’t lost on a sharp high schooler who decided she could help. 

Logan Spoonemore is a junior at The Northwest School, and she can do something most parents apparently can’t do – teach kids algebra! In fact, math is the most requested topic on the website Spoonemore built to connect students with tutors.

If you log on to studentshelpingstudentsseattle.com, you’ll see a smiling kid with a headline that says “High School Students Offering Free Tutoring During the COVID-19 Crisis.” No tricky marketing here.  Spoonemore says she saw how increasingly stressed parents seemed to be with the online schooling and their inability to help kids with topics “they maybe forgot.”

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It’s a completely free service that matches elementary and middle school students with tutors who specialize in areas ranging from math to reading. The tutoring sessions take place online with services like Zoom or FaceTime but also offer simple email and even text options. 

“We also take into account the primary language of the student,” said Spoonemore, who can tutor in Spanish.

The simple idea turned in to more than just a traditional tutoring service.

“I even hear from some parents who simply need an older student to mentor their kids,” Spoonemore said.

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Spoonemore impressed her dad, Rick, with her ability to quickly connect with various schools and potential tutors from across the area. 

“At first I gave her a hard time about it and thought it was too ambitious. It’s amazing what she’s done, and she actually takes the time to personally match each student,” he said. 

Students Helping Students Seattle has blossomed to feature an army of student tutors working with hundreds of families. Spoonemore said her goal is to help 500 students by the end of the summer.

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