Almost a dozen communications hubs participated in a Seattle city-wide disaster drill Saturday.

The exercise was in preparation for a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Rising Subduction Zone earthquake.

In all, 11 communications hubs participated. The city lists a total of 139 emergency hub locations.

“You’ve got people all over the city doing what I’m doing right now with setups that are probably somewhat like this,” said Tim Helming, an Auxiliary Communications Services (ACS) volunteer trained in operating ham radio.

Helming ran the amateur radio at the Rainier Beach Community Center.

“Which gives us point to point communication good for a few miles, but through repeater systems (it reaches) city-wide and even all over Western Washington,” he said.

The communication would be vital. The city could give notices to the neighborhoods, while the hubs can request or offer help.

“It’s still pretty helpful to be able to rely on yourself, not rely on city services, etc., “ said Helming. “There are many kinds of communications going out from the city at the EOC, and then you’ve also got point-to-point communications going from hub to hub and from hub to the city.”