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Seattle among top 10 cities where people are Googling ‘Amazon package stolen’

Seattle ranks second in the nation where people are turning to Google when their Amazon package has been stolen from their doorstep.
That's not my front porch: An opened Amazon box lies on train tracks in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

“Porch pirates” are the bane of shoppers who have shifted their allegiance to the convenience of online retail. Stolen packages — especially those delivered by Amazon — are the subject of countless headaches and comments from victims on community message boards.

A new analysis from Shorr Packaging Corp. out of Illinois seeks to better understand which U.S. cities are being hardest hit by the theft of boxes with the familiar smile on the side. The company got at its findings by studying data around Google searches for “Amazon package stolen” and how it relates to census estimates. CNBC reported on the analysis Thursday.

“We started with this basic assumption: When a person searches the phrase ‘Amazon package stolen,’ there’s a high likelihood that person has had a package stolen and they are looking for information about how to respond,” Andy Kerns of Digital Third Coast — the digital marketing and search company that conducted the analysis on behalf of Shorr — told CNBC.

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