A permanent light display celebrating the Fremont Bridge’s history and significance in the community will illuminate the bridge beginning Thursday.

The lighting design will be slightly different each night, based on the time of year, according to artist Ian Campbell.

“It’s an undulation of colors based on the seasons and the lunar cycles, so the lights are designed to tap into Fremont’s unique, quirky, artistic cultural history,” Campbell said.

Campbell worked on the lighting project for a year and a half with co-artist Hayley Buckbee. The pair did historic research, gathered community input, and worked with lighting consultants to design the installation.

“It’s highlighting the beautiful historic nature of underside of bridge, and it’s sort of casting these nice glow on the water,” Buckbee said.

The Fremont Bridge, which is the oldest of Seattle’s three bascule bridges, celebrated its centennial last summer. It is the first city bridge to be illuminated.

“This is just a taste of what can be done on all our bridges, so we’re really excited about it,” said John Buswell, Seattle Department of Transportation manager of roadway structures.