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Mercer Island teacher gets to fly with the Blue Angels ahead of Seafair air show

Mercer Island High School teacher Jennifer McLellan didn't know she had been chosen to fly with the Blue Angels until she heard it on the school radio station.

SEATTLE — The U.S. Navy Blue Angels came roaring back into Seattle and are preparing for their performance at Seafair this weekend. 

The Blue Angels have been missed since their last appearance in 2019. This year, they're returning with a new tow - a whole fleet actually.

The Blue Angels are featuring new Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet Jets with more power and roar than ever before. This year the Blue Angels have selected some local influencers to take a joy ride and first up was a local teacher.

Jennifer McLellan teaches at Mercer Island High School and says she learned about being chosen for a ride with the Blue Angels by the school's radio station. 

“The school radio station 88.9 The Bridge did an interview and surprised me and I still can’t believe it,” McLellan said. 

According to her husband, McLellan, is the perfect choice for this honor. 

“She wants to be a role model, She wants to show her students that she can do anything. That they can do anything and skies the limit… quite literally in this case!” Malcolm McLellan said. 

Jennifer McLellan spent time learning emergency procedures and practicing how to properly breathe when feeling the effects of G force.

She soared for nearly 45 minutes and spotted familiar sights like local schools and even Microsoft from the air. 

“Mount Rainier from a Blue Angel was unreal!” McLellan said. 

She had the breathing techniques down and kept her cool through various maneuvers that pushed her limits to over 7 G forces. 

“I would just like everyone to know that I left with two barf bags and brought them both back…unused!” she said. 

The giddy teacher says she certainly felt the effects of the G force and even experienced tunnel vision at a point but breathed through it and stayed conscious the entire flight. 

“It’s hard to describe what this means. Growing up around here and watching the Blue Angels my whole life. Seafair is so ubiquitous. It’s so a part of who we are every summer.”

McLellan says she will have a hard time trying to describe what her experience was like in the skies. 

“It’s like riding in Santa's sleigh, you know, it’s just so incredible!”

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will perform in the Boeing Seafair Air Show Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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