SEATTLE -- Seattle's skateboard community take notice! Women of all ages are embracing this traditionally male dominated sport.

Proof is on Monday nights, which is "Ladies Night" at Fremont's All Together Skate Park in Seattle.

"When you create an environment where women can come and do this, they say 'I skateboarded today.What can I do tomorrow?'" says Kristin Ebeling, director of the Seattle chapter of the non-profit organization called Skate Like a Girl.

"It's like building blocks," she adds. "Ladies night is amazing. You're not going to see anything else like this."

Women of all ages and abilities skate together on Ladies Night.

"We're going to see younger and older ladies. We're going to see moms and daughters."

We watched Agnes and Ava Montejano skating right by us. It's Ava's fourth time skating. She's seven years old. It's her mother's third time. Who's better?

"Oh Ava," Agnes laughs. " Ava's a natural."

And naturally you're probably wondering where you can get more information about the non-profit Skate like a Girl, and Ladies Night? Here are the links:

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