SEATTLE -- King County Metro just relaxed one of its rules about strollers, and parents say it'll make for a much smoother trip.

"I think it's a long time coming," said Carla Saulter, a mom who authors the blog Bus Chick.

She's written about the difficulty of boarding a bus with a stroller, and other parents have echoed her concerns.

For years parents have had to take their baby out of the stroller, fold up the stroller, and make sure it was stowed under or between seats during their trip.

King County Metro recently changed its policy, allowing moms and dads to ride the bus with their baby in the stroller as long as the child is secured and not blocking the aisle.

Wheelchairs still have priority in the open spaces on buses. Parents will have to carry their child and fold up the stroller if someone with a disability gets on board and needs the space.

"We'll certainly be using it more on weekends to go the aquarium, to go to farther places where we would most likely be taking a car," said Tiina Ritval, who frequently rides the bus with her son. She has another baby on the way.

King County Metro says it wants to compromise with parents who felt like taking the bus just wasn't worth it.

"I prefer to stay on the bus, that's our time together our time to read and it's a really important part of our day," said Ritval.