No more scrounging around for loose change and bills to buy a Dick's Deluxe and order of fries.

After 62 years of only accepting cash, Seattle iconic Dick's Drive-In announced Thursday will also be accepting credit and debit cards starting in September.

“The only reason people still carry cash in this city is to eat at Dick’s Drive-In,” said Dick's Drive-In President Jim Spady in a released statement. “Many of our customers have asked us to please start accepting credit and debit cards and one of the last major decisions my Dad made was to start us on this path.”

“Moving from cash only to accepting credit and debit cards has been a long process with many challenges. It began over two years ago. We had to replace all of our registers and update all of our systems."

Over the next month, Dick's will test out new equipment. In addition to debit and credit cards, Dick's will also accept Apple Pay at all of their six locations.

Dick's has been an institution since it first opened on NE 45th Street in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood in 1954. It has grown to six locations over the years - all with long lines day and night.

Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot gave a shout out to Dick’s in his 1988 release “Posse on Broadway.” Fellow rapper Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featured the Capitol Hill Dick’s location in their video for “White Walls.”

In a 2012 Esquire magazine online poll, Dick's beat out In-N-Out and Five Guys as America’s “Most Life-Changing Burger Joint.”

While other fast food joints have constantly changed their menus, Dick’s menu has remained basic: four styles of hamburgers; one size of fries; three classic flavors for shakes – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; soda; root beer floats; and ice cream.