SEATTLE – Hundreds of people took part in a protest in downtown Seattle Friday morning against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Protesters marched from City Hall to Westlake Park.

The protest was dubbed Seattle Stands with Standing Rock.

Among the protesters was Puyallup Tribe member Nancy Shippentower. She says she's been demonstrating to protect tribal rights since she was 6-years old.

"Cause we've been talking about this, protecting the water, protecting the land, protecting Mother Earth. We're worried about our children and great grandchildren. What are they going to have? They're going to have nothing but sludge. Think about it," said Shippentower.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is challenging the Army Corps of Engineers' decision to grant about 200 permits at water crossings for the pipeline, which goes through the Dakotas and Iowa to Illinois. The tribe says the project will disturb sacred sites and impact drinking water.

The action comes after hundreds gathered in front of the White House Tuesday to protest the pipeline as part of a wider "Day of Action."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.