SEATTLE – A historic block in Pioneer Square will be renovated to make way for restaurants and retail shops.

The project is being developed by Urban Villages Inc. along with Manchester Capital Management. The plan involves retrofitting and revitalizing the Manufacturer’s Building at 419 Occidental Avenue, the Westland Building at 100 South King Street, and the former Schoenfeld Furniture building at 115 South Jackson Street.

On the same block, the developer plans to transform alleyways into “retail and dining hubs.”

“From unique dining choices to boutique farmers’ markets and festivals, the alley corridor between the buildings will capitalize on the growing energy in Pioneer Square to be more than a thoroughfare, but a true destination,” said Jon Buerge, Vice President of Urban Villages Inc.

Liz Stenning with Alliance for Pioneer Square has already been working to turn uninviting alleys into vibrant places.

“Some alleys that are dark, we might see crime. We might see people doing potentially illegal or criminal activities, but we have noticed that that has tapered off. It’s definitely starting to feel like success,” said Stenning, who added that the goal is to make the alleys inviting for everyone.

Back Alley Bike Repair opened up a shop in a Pioneer Square alley a few years ago.

“We kind of imagined that our shop, our bike shop, would offer more vitality to the neighborhood,” said owner Ben Rainbow.

Today the bike repair shop continues to grow its customer base and welcomes the idea of more businesses moving into Pioneer Square alleys.