SEATTLE -- Police credit a fast acting store manager with key information leading to the arrest of three armed robbers of a northwest Seattle marijuana store.

Late Sunday, employees at Have a Heart, located in the Greenwood neighborhood on NW 85th St, and 3rd Ave NW, were closing for the night when they opened a back door and two suspects barged in with guns. They forced three employees to the ground and zip tied them while they gathered cash and products.

But what they didn't know was that the store manager was watching the robbery from home, live via closed circuit TV, which is protocol during closing time.

He was able to call 911 and update police in real time while the robbery happened.

"At first I thought it might be friends picking them up. Then I realized that wasn't the case," said Damon Martinez, the store manager who was watching. "I saw the gun, I saw them put them on the ground and zip tied behind backs."

By the time the robbery was finished, police had the store surrounded. Three men were arrested out front of the store.

No employees were injured.

Ryan Kunkel, owner of Have a Heart, says the same Greenwood location was burglarized two weeks earlier. He says crime will continue until the federal government reclassifies marijuana, or shops are no longer forced to operate using cash only.