Four plaintiffs have reached settlements in the 2015 fatal Ride the Ducks accident on the Aurora bridge, totaling $8.25 million. The plaintiffs are part of the ongoing trial in King County Superior Court.

The "Dinh group" is made up of more than forty plaintiffs who filed suit against Ride the Ducks Seattle, Ride the Ducks International, the city of Seattle and the state of Washington.

According to a press release from the Hermann Law Group, the settlement is with Ride the Ducks Seattle and Ride the Ducks International, not with the city or the state.

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The largest part of the settlement goes to 18-year-old Privando Putradanto, one of the international students who perished in the accident. His estate received $7 million.

Jae Won Jang, of Korea, settled for $600,000. He sustained injuries to his neck, shoulders, and back. Florencia Irena, a student from Indonesia who fractured her collarbone, will receive $375,000. Na Ra Yoon, another student from Korea, will receive $275,000. She suffered fractures to both hands.

All four students experienced PTSD, according to their attorney.

Five people died and dozens more were injured when a Duck boat's front axle failed, sending the vehicle into a collision with a tour bus on the Aurora Bridge.

The civil trial started in October and is expected to last about five months.

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