The holiday season has arrived in the wizarding world in Seattle!

Diagon Alley in the Ballard neighborhood got a visit from "Dumbledore Santa" - and actually got snow too!

The alley was started by Jon Chambers, a Seattle tech veteran with time on his hands after stepping away from his most recent job. He says about 30 characters from the Harry Potter series are visiting all weekend.

"People are buying butter beer. They're buying hot chocolate, they're coming to get their picture taken with Dumbledore and enjoying some sno win Seattle on a rainy day," said Chambers.

Chambers built the sizable recreation of Diagon Alley, the London shopping area for wizards that is accessible through a secret brick wall located behind a pub.

The alley has already been spruced up for the holidays with Christmas decorations on Saturday, along with 180 gallons of fake snow adorning Chambers' creation.

Along with Santa, nearly 30 wizards will also show up from 1-6 p.m. Saturday, Dec 2 and Sunday, Dec. 3 to entertain guests.

Gringotts and The Leaky Cauldron kids playhouses also made their grand opening this weekend.

The Chambers girls and their friends are selling Harry Potter themed sugar cookies, peppermint hot cocoa and butter beer from the newly completed Leaky Cauldron.