SEATTLE — One of the oldest p-patches in Seattle is in danger of getting developed.

The Ballard P-Patch, which was founded in 1976, sits on a half-acre. It grows about 1,300 pounds of food for the Ballard Food Bank and provides space for 85 different gardens.

"It is the largest garden in Ballard," said Cindy Krueger, a member of the Ballard P-Patch Leadership Team. 

The volunteers who take care of the site are now planting the seed for a big project. After learning the landowners, Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church, needed to sell the land, volunteers realized they needed to buy it in order to save it. 

"They spent quite a bit of time and exploration trying to figure out ways to raise the money that would keep the garden intact, but they were not able to do that," said Krueger. 

Krueger estimates the land will cost $1.8 million. 

"If we fail, which we're not going to do, this will become four, single-family homes," said Krueger. 

The church wants to help keep the garden, and it's working with the volunteers to help raise funds.

"I understand the need to provide places for people to live. I think those same people need places like this," said MJ Gilman, who gardens at the P-Patch.  

Volunteers also plan to ask the City of Seattle if it can help with the purchase.

"There's no getting it back. Once it's gone, it's gone," said Krueger.  

To donate, visit the Ballard P-Patch's donation site or e-mail