SEATTLE -- Local progressive non-profit Washington Community Action Network said it has been overwhelmed with hate-filled phone calls from supporters of President-elect Donald Trump after a job post made it onto national media.

The position was not intended to get the response it received. Washington CAN posted a job for someone to work in its phone bank for $15-an-hour.

"I think there's this perception out there that protesters are being paid," said communications director Rosalind Brazel. "People are upset. They're angry and they are protesting because of that. They're not being paid."

However, the Craigslist ad was picked up on Twitter by conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, and subsequently, hundreds of phone calls flooded into the non-profit.

"I could see being upset," said Brazel, "but I don't think that warrants hate calls, racial slurs. None of it."

Craigslist briefly took the ad down. Washington CAN put another one online with a slightly altered headline.