A father and his two-year-old son are recovering from a bizarre accident involving a Seattle Parks Department vehicle.

They were at Roxhill Park Sunday, when a Seattle Parks truck jumped the curb, hit the father and son, and pinned the father against a wall.

"We had been there 10 minutes when my 4-year-old Amelia said she had to go to the potty," said Eli Wendkos.

Wendkos was walking his daughter Amelia to the bathroom, with 2-year-old Jonah on his shoulders when he heard a revving engine.

"All of a sudden, I hear tires squealing, and I look up," said Wendkos. "I see tires smoking on a Parks and Rec pickup truck. One of those green pickup trucks. And the thing lurches over the curb coming straight at us."

A photo from the West Seattle Blog shows the Seattle Parks and Recreation truck after it hit the wall.

Photo credit: West Seattle Blog 

Wendkos said the truck pinned his arm to the wall in the crash, an impact that broke his wrist and sacrum.

He remembers panicking about the kids.

"I remember thinking I'm about to get hit. I'm about to get hit. My kids. My kids. My kids. But there was no time to do anything," he said.

Jonah hit the wall and fell on the concrete fracturing his skull. The truck missed his sister Amelia, but she is traumatized by watching it all happen.

"It is mind-boggling, incredibly scary and senseless," Wendkos said. "Anything that happens like this is like that. But especially at a playground."

The bathroom remained closed Monday. The damage to the wall boarded up.

The Parks Department is conducting its own investigation. But Wendkos says emergency personnel on the scene said the driver may have fallen asleep with the car in gear.

"I saw the driver. He was awake and panicked as he came toward us," Wendkos remembered.

With their 2-year son laying in a bed at Harborview, this family would like some answers, and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.