SEATTLE -- Seattle City Council is considering on Tuesday Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed growth plan for the University District that would change the size of buildings in the neighborhood.

Murray’s plan, which was unveiled last week to neighborhood residents, includes major zoning changes that would allow buildings as high as 320 feet in one part of the neighborhood and 240 feet in other areas.

The city says the plan would allow greater height and density in the blocks surrounding the new light rail station at NE 43rd St. and Brooklyn Avenue NE, and would provide more affordable housing in a city of rising rents and limited housing supply under the mayor’s so-called “grand bargain” program.

Plan proponents on Tuesday planned to go into more detail on the zoning recommendations. They also plan to hold a public hearing on the zoning changes in mid-November.

See slides of the presentation (pdf) and video.

Mayor Ed Murray: Housing Affordability and Living Agenda